Top 5 reasons to visit Nozawa Onsen

1. The Mountains

Needless to say, it is a well known fact that Japan is one of the famous ski location around the world as Japan receives abundant of snowfall every winter. The magnificent ski area in Nozawa Onsen is one of the largest in Japan covering about 298 hectares with 50 runs suitable for all levels. Snowboarders and skiers need not worry that they will not find a suitable run regardless being a beginner or an expert! (About 40% of the slopes are good or beginners!).

2. The Onsens

Where else can you find onsens all over the village (even free ones!) to have a nice soak and bath after a day of snowboarding and skiing? Nozawa Onsen feature 13 free onsens all over the village and there are a couple of paid ones which are also very affordable to visit if you will like to have more facilities for use. *Pisst* Don’t forget to try cooking some onsen eggs.

3. Snow Monkeys

Meet the snow the cute and mischievous snow monkeys who totally love the hot baths in Japan as well. Watch the way they enjoy the bath which makes you feel like dipping into one immediately! The monkeys are friendly and curious, they are more than happy to have you wandering among them and take pictures. If you get lucky, one might even come up to say hello!

4. Dosojin Fire Festival in Nozawa Onsen

The Dosojin Fire Festival is a ritualistic festival where 25-year-old and 42-year-old men, the unlucky ages according to Shinto beliefs are expected to show their bravery while building the shrine and then throughout the burning of it, by either protecting it or burning it to the ground. This serves to ward off bad luck and to assist in a good harvest for the year. Join the festival to gain some positive blessings!

5. Food

There are plenty of restaurants in Nozawa Onsen suitable even for picky eaters. From authentic Japan meals to Korean bbq to Western steal house or even bars for a chill-out session after a day of skiing. You will definitely be able to find a place that suit your taste around Nozawa Onsen village. Click here for our top 10 recommendations!

Add-on: NO Jetlag!

Jet lag is one of the most annoying thing which can happen on a well deserved holiday! For our Australia friends, this is a perfect news for you! The time difference between Australia (most areas) and Japan ski areas, is only a mere 2 hours difference!

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