Nozawa Onsen Top 5 Ski Slopes

Nozawa Onsen Ski Slopes  

Nozawa Onsen village is famous for its skiing venue located in Nozawaonsen, Nagano, Japan which opened more than sevety years ago. 

Covering 297 hectares (730 acres), the southern part of the resort was used for biathlon competitions at the 1998 Winter Olympics.The Olympic venue consisted of two trails each 4 km (2.5 mi) in length along with a firing range consisting of 30 stations.

Among 46 ski courses in Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort, approximately half of the ski slopes are suitable for beginners. Thus, do not worry if this is your first time experiencing skiing or snowboarding!

Nozawa Onsen is famous for the guaranteed high-quality powder snow and heaviest snowfall in Nagano Perfecture! The longest run is approximately 10km. Nozawa Onsen has a wide variety of terrain with some really amazing slopes which you can look forward to!


Start of 10KM ski trail…

1. Yamabiko Area | course length: approximately 1500m

This is the start/ top of of the 10KM ski trail. On a great sunny day, you can also enjoy a stunning view which will brighten up your day even more! The courses here are typically more for intermediate and advanced riders as the slopes are much steeper.

2. Uenotaira | course length: approximately 2000m

Easily accessible from Nagasaka Gondola. This area looks like it is created specially for the beginners! Long but mild slopes for beginners to practice their skills before heading to the higher level courses for some excitement.

3. Paradise and Beyond – forest course | course length: approximately 1200m

A great family area with slopes for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders to ride on! This is a little steeper than Uenotaira course. Side note: This area comes with lots of great places to eat.

4. Rinkan Course | course length: approximately 5000m

Longest ski trail in Nozawa which runs through approximately 5000m of exciting and fun slopes which is almost the same length of Hikgae Gondola which is good for new skiers/ snowboarders and families!

5. Nagasaka-Link | course length: approximately 1000m

This trail links you back to Nagasaka gondola boarding area and also pass by Schanze Nozawa. Ski back into Schanze Nozawa if you will like to take a break!

FOR EXPERTS: 39deg Wall Challenge | course length: approximately 300m

As mentioned on the name of the slope! This is Nozawa’s steepest slope which runs at 39deg. Pro-riders, is your time to shine with your fancy skills!

In summary, Nozawa Onsen is the best place in the world which can cater to families with young kids, beginners and even pro snowboarder/ skiers!

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